Image by William Murphy, DOGPATCH OFFICIALLY LAUNCH THE ‘VAULTS’, creative commons


For whom: 

No prior technology knowledge required – the AI-Design Sprint is for anyone that wants to add AI to their business:

  • for any established business, their innovation lab, their product team, their business consultants

  • for service designer and digital product designer that want to integrate AI in services and product designs and see new business opportunities for their clients


The AI-Design Sprint process is a funnel going from "many opportunities to use AI" to "your right AI solution for your business". 





  • Your team identifies ways AI can add value to your business

  • You see ways to use AI you haven't thought about before

  • You see ways not only to add, but center your business on AI (create an AI-first company)

  • You tested your solution with users 


About the facilitator Mike Brandt: Mike ran the business design firm urge where he consulted businesses in identifying new market spaces. He is the author of the 300-page business book "Forget The Product. Forget The Idea. Forget The Campaign." on business transformation. Furthermore Mike lectured in Digital Concept Development (BA), on new technology cross disciplines at DMJX (BA), and is jury member at Venture Cup. Mike's expertise are design processes and tools. 


Giving more people the opportunity to experience an AI-Design Sprint Mike led a one-hour AI-Design Sprint at The Conference, and Techfestival Copenhagen this September.