How do you know what people want?

We harvest data by user research and analytics, and we use client data. We understand the jobs that people try to get done. And we look at the expressions of people's changed needs: new concepts of startups on the edge of markets, and technology. 


What is broken on the way companies do business with people and how do you try to fix it?

Today's people's needs have changed, are more complex, and more numerous. As a result many legacy products don't serve people's needs completely. Therefore being product-focused promoting the current product offering is not enough. Instead, urge focuses on the user, the consumer, and makes stuff people really want. This might be by adding services, useful content, human-centered design, and even realizing a new business opportunity serving people's needs better, etc.

In other words, each company has significant potential in using technology and today's new ways to do business to better serve people's needs. urge helps companies close that gap.  


Who else besides Mike Brandt is part of urge?

Mike has a network of people within digital product development, film, etc. from working in advertising and digital for many years. At the same time Mike experiences, as he is sharing his insights about today's new marketing, that many would like to work that way, so the network is growing. urge wants to be a place for talent seeking meaningful work. At the start though you will most likely meet with and work with Mike – you lucky one. 


Why and how do you work in so many areas?

All these areas are interconnected. They shouldn't be treated as silos. 


With which brands are you working at the moment?

Under "cases" you see some of our work for brands in the past. We are a young company so stay tuned for the client list. And if you want to see how we can add value to your business – let's meet over a "varm kakao". 


How is it like working with you?

It's awesome. ;) Our working process is that we see opportunities for a company, that is the first step. The second step is that we co-create in form of a work session with you to identify people's needs and develop solutions how to serve them, ending up with first prototypes. The goal is empathy with the people/consumers, and a buy-in in your organization and drive to bring the solutions to life. The third step is that we assist in bringing the solutions to life with the people/consumers. Fourth, we celebrate the success.