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For whom: 

No prior technology knowledge required – the AI-Design Sprint is for anyone wanting to add AI to their business:

  • For any established business, their innovation lab, their product team

  • For service design and digital product design firms that want to have the option of integrating AI in their service and product designs  


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Duration: half day.

First two hours:  

We will identify people's needs in your business area (to add AI in a relevant way). 


This includes:

  • Defining the business area by the outcome for customers
  • Persona, Customer Activity Cycle model and stakeholder map
  • Consideration of relevant technology and startups that shape people's behaviour and needs

Last two hours: 

We'll match individual AI functions with your identified individual needs in your business area. 


This includes:

  • Using cards of individual AI functions to match with before identified needs. Each of these AI function cards come with an explanation and examples. They make it relatively easy for anyone not familiar with AI technology to work with AI on concept level
  • Visualisation in form of a sketch as prototype




  • Your team identifies ways AI can add value to your business

  • You see ways to use AI you haven't thought about before

  • You see ways not only to add, but center your business on AI (create an AI-first company)

  • You visualise it in form of a first sketch as prototype 




The use of AI for the company's marketing in form of recommendation (recommendation engine), customer segmentation (descriptive analytics), and customer retention through predicting longterm customer loyalty (predictive analytics). 


The use of AI in a company's human resource efforts by predicting an employee's access needs to data according to the person's role (using predictive analytics). And for the hiring process (using electronic discovery) for being faster (one hour instead of one week) and even better in finding the right candidate (by AI being unbiased and pointing out highly qualified candidates that don't fit traditional expectations). 


About the facilitator Mike Brandt: Mike ran the business design firm urge where he consulted businesses in identifying new market spaces. He is the author of the 300-page business book "Forget The Product. Forget The Idea. Forget The Campaign." on business transformation. Furthermore Mike lectured in Digital Concept Development (BA) and is jury member at Venture Cup. Mike's expertise are design processes and tools.